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About Jen: 

Jen Schlaich (MS Herbal Medicine, Registered Herbalist AHG) is the  founder and lead clinical herbalist at Radicle Wellness. 

Completing her undergraduate degree at the University of California (BA, Environmental Studies), Jen’s studies focused on Biotic Conservation and Natural Resource Management with an emphasis in Small-Scale Regenerative Food Systems. After graduating, she worked internationally on various farms including 2.5years as an Urban Agriculture Peace Corps volunteer in Senegal, West Africa.

Immersed in cultures where traditional medicine is still honored, Jen began to learn about native plants and their health benefits from the farmers that she spent her days with. Through the use of plants, for the first time, she experienced significant relief from health ailments she has had since being born two months premature. Improvements in her personal health lead to further study. Jen continued to follow her passion for herbal medicine and  completed a 4-month Community Herbalist Certification from Pacific Rim College, followed by a  3-year mentorship with internationally renowned herbalist Isla Burgess. During this time she researched many case-studies with Isla and Carmen Adams which garnered her the Registered Herbalist Certification with the American Herbalist Guild (AHG), the herbal industry's professional association. 

Seeking to provide alternative and complimentary options for conventional medicine, in 2020 she completed a Masters of Science in Therapeutic Herbalism with a Clinical Focus (the program is now titled Clinical Herbal Medicine) from Maryland University of Integrative Health. Her degree requirements included: pathophysiology, pharmacology, herb-drug interactions, herbal material medica, custom formulation, and product manufacture. In addition to more formal study, she has gained hands-on experience in: herbal dispensaries, essential oil and hydrosol distillation, product creation and through growing and harvesting medicinal plants. She is currently enrolled in a Post-Masters Certification in Integrative Nutrition. 

Combining over 12 years of experience in small-scale community-based food systems with her study of the therapeutic uses of plants, Jen’s work as a Clinical Herbalist draws from evidence-based research and traditional knowledge to pair people+plants and empower clients in the safe and effective use of herbs and local foods for wellness.

As the founder of Radicle Wellness, Jen believe that, through inspiring engagement with herbs, native plants, and ‘weeds’, plants are capable of re-connecting us to our health and the health of the places that sustain us. 

In tandem with her work as a clinical herbalist, Jen works in collaboration with Native-led Food Sovereignty Initiatives. From 2015-2021 she was the program coordinator for the Bishop Paiute Tribe's Food Sovereignty Program and in April of 2021, she accepted a part-time contract as the Grant Manager for the Native American Food Sovereignty Alliance.


(left to right): 

Carmen Adams: Registered Herbalist (AHG)

Isla Burgess: Herbalist and Author, New Zealand

Susanne Fischer-Rizzi: Herbalist and Author, Germany 

And, to so many others including teachers at: 

-the Malango Center of Healers in Fatick, Senegal West  Africa

 -Pacific Rim College in Victoria, Canada & 

-Maryland University of Integrative Health

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