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Plant-by-plant Radicle Wellness seeks to empower individuals to play a role in their everyday health. Through helping families design, install, & grow Home Health Gardens we aim to increases access to and understanding and protection of medicinal plants. 


The Radicle Wellness Home Health Teaching Garden hosts seasonal workshops and is a living example of what is possible when we transition our lawns into biodiverse gardens!  

The herb garden is roughly divided into the body systems that are the focus of my practice as a clinical herbalist: the nervous system, digestive system, immune system, and reproductive system. As all of our body systems are interconnected, the respiratory, endocrine, circulatory, lymphatic, and skeletal systems are featured throughout the design and are  highlighted on the gardens edges.

Surrounding the herb garden, large arcing beds are used for annual food production mixed with native wildflowers. These beds, that were once a concrete driveway, grew all of the flowers for my husband and my wedding and now produce year-round produce for our family! Between the annual beds there is a small orchard with dwarf fruit trees and other perennial foods plants such as currants, artichokes and more! 

I love co-creating garden spaces; please reach out if you could benefit from a collaborative approach to transitioning your space! 

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